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Taoist Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine that helps to create balance on the levels of the the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Acupuncture was developed over 2000 years ago.  It involves the stimulation of particular points on the body with very fine, single-use sterile needles.  Acupuncture points are accessed in order to facilitate the free flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced "chi"), through an intricate and complex system of meridians that run throughout the body. 


When one's qi is flowing freely, she/he will experience a general state of well-being.  However, trauma, stress, environmental factors, physical injury, or emotional disturbances, among others, may induce a state of imbalance.  When this occurs, it is the general state of qi that is impacted, which may result in distress on the levels of the Body, Mind, and/or Spirit. 


Through the insertion of needles, blockages, deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances can be addressed, and balance can be restored.  Typically, this is a gradual process, as each treatment builds upon the previous treatment. 


Although every individual's situation is different, it is often recommended that patients make a personal commitment to an initial 6-8 regular treatments.  Together, the practitioner and patient can decide on the best plan for treatment frequency depending upon the individual's personal situation.  Once balance is restored, the body will often know when treatment is necessary.  In addition to its capacity to heal, Taoist Acupuncture is an excellent preventative medicine and can help patients develop a stronger immune system and help the body relearn how to heal itself.


This particular style of acupuncture can help a person live up to his/her potential, and consistent treatment can facilitate transformation in one's life.  Much like the seasons, Taoist Acupuncture works with the cyclical nature of all life.  Once our bodies learn to live in harmony with the seasons, even in the busy city, a level of ease can be remembered and restored.


"Heaven in me is Virtue.  Earth in me is Qi.  Virtue spreads, Qi spreads out and there is life.  When living beings arise, that is called Essences.  When two essences embrace, that is called Spirits.  That which faithfully follows the spirits in their coming and going are called the Hun.  That which associates with the Essences in their exits and entries are called the Po.


That which takes charge of the being is called the Heart.  When the Heart is applied, that is called Intent.  When Intent becomes permanent, that is called will.  When will, which is maintained, also changes, that is called thought.  When thoughts spreads far and powerfully, that is called reflection.  When reflection is actualized, that is called wisdom.  This wisdom is nothing other than the ability to maintain life.


Not failing to observe the four seasons and adapting to cold and heat, harmonizing elation and anger, and being calm at rest as in action, regulating yin yang, and balancing the hard and the soft.  In this way, having removed perverse influences, there will be long life and lasting vision."


--Neijing Lingshu, Chapter 8   

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