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Who can benefit?

As Taoist Medicine addresses the whole person in both health and illness, all people can benefit from receiving qigong and/or acupuncture treatment. 


Sometimes people seek relief from quite specific symptoms such as insomnia, depression, skin issues, headaches, joint pain, PMS, asthma, or allergies, to name just a few.  Other individuals come in with the sense that something isn't quite right, there is a feeling of being "stuck," or something simply might be lacking in one's life. 


Since Taoist Medicine treats the underlying root cause of disease, many patients experience positive results in the realms of addiction, depression, energy levels, or emotional distress (sadness, worry, grief, fear, anger).  Often times, patients may find relief from symptoms that are quite subtle and/or are difficult to diagnose from a Western medical perspective.  


For many patients, treatment is used to remind the body how it can heal itself and that living in sync with the seasons is possible, even today.  Seasonal tune-ups are an excellent way to maintain one's health.



Many conditions may respond to treatment, including those related to the following:

     -neurological system
     -musculo-skeletal system
     -respiratory system
     -gynecologic and reproductive system
     -digestive system
     -genito-urinary system


Treatment may also help with:

     -acute and chronic pain
     -maintaining emotional balance
     -stress reduction and detoxification

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